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Prajna Health Care: Brief

When Super-Speciality
Meets Super Reliability.

In our commitment to medical science, lies our deep-rooted need to give back to the society. Each day, we strive to make Preventive, Diagnostic & Curative Healthcare Services accessible to the masses.

24x7 Emergency Care

Multiple Super Speciality Services

Highly Skilled Team of Doctors, Nurses & Paramedics

State of the Art Infrastructure & Facilities

Genuine, Effective & Reliable Healthcare

Latest Technology Medical Equipments

What We Do / Clinical Specialities

Most Super-speciality disciplines, mainly the ones that challenge humankind more.

Providing services in super-speciality fields requires great in-depth knowledge and may sometimes also challenge the limits of General or Multi-speciality Doctors. At PHC, we’re all about Detail and all in for challenges.

Our Team

We’ve got the ‘Ex’ Factor: ‘Ex’pertise & ‘Ex’perience.

Each of our specialized doctors hail from rich education and experience backgrounds, bringing with them unparalleled medical acumen to the table.

Dr. Jayant Trivedi

Dr. Jayant Trivedi

M.D. Respiratory Medicine

Dr Jayant is the Director of Prajna Health Care. He is a consultant pulmonologist and bronchoscopist. He specializes in Allergy, Sleep related disorders, COPD, Asthma, T.B., Pneumonia, etc. In his 7 years of experience in respiratory medicine, he has treated 10,000+ patients with 2,000 + procedures such as:

  • 200 + Allergy testing
  • 300 + sleep studies
  • 500 + ICD insertion
  • 1000 + pleural tapping
  • 200 + fiberoptic bronchoscopy etc.

You can reach him at dr.jayant@prajnahealthcare.com .

Dr. Pragati Arora Trivedi

Dr. Pragati Arora Trivedi

M.D. Anaesthesiology (Gold Medalist), FICM, FIPM

Dr. Pragati is an Anaesthesiologist and pain consultant. She is a gold medalist in Anaesthesiology. Moreover, she has done fellowship in intensive care medicine (FICM) and she is fellow in pain management (FIPM). In her 7 years of experience in Anaesthesiology, she has given Anaesthesia in 12000 + surgeries including General Anaesthesia, Spinal Anaesthesia and procedures such as:

  • 300+ epidurals including injections
  • 500+ regional blocks
  • 300+ CVP Insertion
  • 400 + LP etc.

You can reach her at pragati31739arora@yahoo.co.in .

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Growing Family


What Goes Around,
Comes Around.

We love what we do. And there is no better reward than the community appreciating that. Thankfully, for us, the rewards have always been greater than the risk.

As a close friend and colleague of Dr. Jayant, I can proudly say that he is great at what he does. He is high spirited and never gives up. I would certainly recommend PHC services.


Dr. Suraj Patel

M.D. Respiratory Medicine, Ahmedabad

Prajna Healthcare has been able to win my trust, chiefly because of their medical expertise and their superior service quality. I can fully trust them with my family's health.

05Mr. Suresh Panchal

Former Patient, Ahmedabad

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